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RMMD MALABANAN PLUMBING SIPHONING SERVICES 09432405697 - RMMD MALABANAN SIPHONING POZO NEGRO/ SEPTIC TANK PLUMBINGS | Tel;543-38-36 smart;09106270160 | Sun;09432405697/globe;09067395666/09106270160 | -WE ARE RMM OPEN 24/7 CALL IN SERVICES ALL AREAS IN METRO MANILA,BULACAN | CAVITE,LAGUNA,BATANGAS & RIZAL | -NO.1 IN SERVICES | -YOUR ONE STOP PLUMBING SERVICES | -WE PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY SERVICES | -HIGHLY TRAINED PERSONNEL | -FRIENDLY STAFF | Plumbing Services a wide range of reliable and trusted services th?t w??? meet ??? ?f ???rplumbing needs. O?r team ?f professionals guarantees t? give ??? detailed services | SERVICES OFFERED: | •Siphoning ?f sludge human waste fr?m pozo •negro (per trip) | •Draining ?f water, waste mud, ?nd waste oil | •De-clogging ?f cleaning up ?f main sanitary pipelines | •Cleaning ?nd manual removal ?f solid sludge | •Solidifying grease oil waste garbage material ?nd ?th?r residues inside •septic tank | •Thorough cleaning ?f th? septic vault (pozo negro) | •De-clogging ?f clear up sewerage system pipelines | •Installing ?f water cement pipelines | •Installing ?f outlet ?nd inlet pipelines | •Locating / opening ?f septic tank | •Constructing septic tank | •Manual cleaning ?f waste water treatement plant | •A?? types ?f clogged drainage system ?f plumbing service | F?r more information & inquiries call ?? now ?r email annmore10@yahoo. com | PREVENTIVES MAINTENANCE | • { Restaurant, Hotel, Malls, Gasoline Station} | • { Company,Schools An? Oth?r Establishment} | { Residential Services} |


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