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QNE Software Philippines, Inc. offers the most reliable BIR Accounting System in the market today. QNE Accounting System can generate BIR Forms and Reports making it as a complete BIR Accounting System in the Philippines. QNE modules include General Ledger, Accounts Receivables or Customers, Accounts Payable or Suppliers, Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Manufacturing. QNE Optimum Accounting Software is suitable for a Startup Companies, Small and Medium Enterprises up to Large Corporations!

In the Philippines, BIR Accounting System is an essential tool for a growing business, especially here in the Philippines where Small and Medium Sized businesses are booming. Businesses must be equipped with a BIR Accounting System, so they can expedite their growth and be compliant with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

QNE Accounting System is a complete BIR Accounting System as it generates BIR Dat Files like Summary Lists of Sales and Purchases (SLSP), Summary Alphalist of Withholding Tax (SAWT), Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees (QAP), BIR Forms 2307 or Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source, 2550M or Monthly VAT Declaration, 1601E or Monthly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded), 1601EQ, 1604E or Annual Information Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)/ Income Payments Exempt from Withholding Taxes, SRS or Semestral List of Regular Suppliers and many more. QNE Accounting System is truly a BIR Accounting System suitable for Philippine Businesses that are required to comply with the Bureau’s Rules and Regulations.

Different businesses in the Philippines require different Accounting System’s functions and features. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. has diverse BIR Accounting System packages that is suitable to many business types.

QNE Optimum Prima, is perfect for Trading Companies that requires BIR Accounting System to manage their accounting transactions and to monitor their inventory. Meanwhile, QNE Accounting System Financial is good for Service Companies, Bookkeepers, Lending Businesses and NGOs. BIR Reporting will not be a burden and more clients can be entertained.

QNE Accounting System Packages also includes QNE Optimum Advance which is applicable for service-oriented companies that has sales and purchase operations. Logistics, Tracking and Shipping Companies can now experience the benefits of a BIR Accounting System. QNE Accounting System Core is the best for Small and Medium Enterprises. A complete BIR Accounting System with General Ledger, AR, AP, Sales, Purchases and Inventory is what QNE Optimum Core can offer to rising businesses in the Philippines.

QNE Software can also cater to Construction Companies, Pharmacies, Importers and businesses

that requires simple manufacturing process. Giving these large companies an opportunity to

fulfill their business needs, all in one BIR Accounting System. QNE Optimum Edge is the answer

for these requirements!

BIR Accounting System can also have a comprehensive feature. QNE Optimum Ace is best for

Manufacturing Companies that require Serial Number, Batch Number for Production, Landing

Cost, Stock take and Billing Approvals. QNE Ace is one of the most advanced Accounting

Software in the Philippines!

QNE as a BIR Accounting System not just features the BIR Forms and Reports, it can also

generate Financial Reports, Sales Reports, Purchases Reports and Inventory Reports. Business

owners can now monitor their business status real-time. Reports that can be generated

includes, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Flow Status, Balance Sheet Accounts with details, Balance

Sheet Accounts Comparison, Fixed Assets, Manufacturing Accounts with Budget, Notes to

Accounts, Profit and Loss Account Comparison, Trial Balance, Statement of Account, Customer

Aging, Agent Analysis with Budget, Customer Ledger Detail, Outstanding Invoices, Sales and

Collection, Creditor Aging Summary, Creditor Actual Purchases and Budget, Creditor Ledger,

Creditor Ledger Derail, Due Bills and Outstanding Bills. For Sales Module, users can generate

Monthly Sales Analysis Reports, Outstanding Quotations, Outstanding Sales Orders,

Outstanding Delivery Orders and Outstanding Sales Invoices. Also, the Top Sales Customers and

Sales Margin Analysis Reports.

QNE Accounting System can generate useful Purchases Reports like Outstanding Purchase

Orders, Outstanding Purchase Requisition, Outstanding Goods Received, Purchase Analysis,

Monthly Purchase Analysis and Top Purchases Suppliers. These Reports are essential to have an

effective BIR Accounting System.

For businesses with Inventory QNE BIR Accounting System has various reports that will keep

track of the company’s Inventory Status and will help to avoid unnecessary delays and errors

caused by unmonitored Stock Balances. These Reports include, Stock Ledgers, Top Performing

Stocks, Stock Reorder, Stock Location Balance, Stock Location Available Balance, Stock

Movement, Stock Aging with Value, Month End Stock Balance, Material Consumption,

Overstocked, Stock Break Even, Item Profit Margin, Stock Balance Analysis and a lot more.

In terms of technology and data size handling, QNE Accounting Software uses SQL Database

Server to improve the speed and performance for faster transactions and higher data limit. QNE

is based on Client-Server that only send SQL queries to the server, thus, heavy data processing

over the network will be much faster.

Plus, QNE as a BIR Accounting System equips the businesses for a more convenient way of

managing transactions as it can be accessed anytime and anywhere because of QNE Accounting

System Cloud Readiness. QNE Accounting Software is also designed to adapt to different

platforms. Users can utilize the QNE Accounting System through web and mobile applications.

It gives the businesses more flexibility to easily deal with the day-to-day business transactions.

For them to achieve their highest potential as they can reach their business goals through

innovative solutions that QNE Accounting System can provide.

QNE takes pride of their Mission, which is to help the Filipino Business Owners to achieve their

company goals through arming them with the BIR Accounting System that can generate timely

and accurate reports that would help them in decision-making and having an effective longterm


QNE Software Philippines, Inc. truly made Accounting transactions hassle-free by being the

country’s leading BIR Accounting System. Giving the end users an excellent user experience and

aiding the businesses in the Philippines to be competitive and world class through equipping

them with the greatest solutions that QNE Software Philippines, Inc. always provide. Simply

forget about manual accounting and out-of-date system and start the year right with the best

choice for BIR Accounting System, QNE Optimum Accounting System is the answer for your

business’ victory!


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