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In today’s world, running a business is much easier than it was several years ago. One must say that “the business runs itself” but how is that possible? How can a business run itself? How can a business alone be able to handle all the customers requests? How can the owners keep up with the worlds changing trends? How can they manage their business efficiently and effectively? How can they do it? How can you do it? Starting and running a business is not as simple as just producing something good and selling it to the general public hoping for it to be a hit thus gaining lots of profit and staying at the top. But starting and even running a business requires loads or work, physically and mentally. We all owe our business’ growth and success not just to ourselves but also to the software companies in the Philippines that provides us quality software which aids us in doing our businesses. A lot may say that the Philippines’ technological advancement is not as great as our neighboring countries thus expecting for us to be left behind, but they are wrong. Software companies in the Philippines may not be as grand or as advanced as compared to its international substitutes they are what we need in keeping our businesses us and running. 


 There are different types of software needed to run a business and software companies in the Philippines that are very timely and important in staying in the business world to choose from. From the security systems to keep your people and your establishment safe, to POS machine providers to keep track or your customer’s payments, to the Operating Systems to help you with making and managing your documents, to Payroll Software to keep track with your employees’ records, and to the most important software every company needs, the Accounting Software that will serve as the back bone of the business, keeping track of all the business’ transactions. This software holds the most important job as much as the people using it. Accounting Software is the one responsible for all the business’ transaction such as tracking of the expenses, loss, gains, records of both the customers and the suppliers, up to the financial reports needed to measure in achieving one business’ success and to the BIR Forms and Reports to comply with the government’s requirements.  


 One of the software companies in the Philippines is QNE Software Philippines, Inc. which is an Accounting and Payroll Software provider and business solutions that will fit the needs of different types or business natures. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. has more the ten years of experience in the field of providing Accounting Software gaining clients from different industries such as retail, distribution, import, logistics, shipping, transportation, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, healthcare, associations, schools, and services. The software company based in the Philippines is dedicated to provided efficient and effective business solutions to the business community in the Philippines. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is fully supported by its mother company in Malaysia, 

known as QNE Software Sdn. Bhd or QNE Malaysia that has over fifteen (15) years of experience in developing high quality business software solutions using innovative and creative applications and outstanding customer service. The software company is backed by a localized team of qualified and skilled technical specialists, QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is capable of providing speedy responses to users. QNE PH Team’s main goal is to address the users specific needs and requirements. “A local team that understands the local business, and close to the users” has been the core competency for QNE Software Philippines, Inc. 


 QNE Accounting software company is the first and only BIR Accounting System in the Philippines. It is tailored fit to Philippine Setting to provide local businesses the right accounting tool to manage their businesses and meet their requirements. QNE Accounting System provides business owners the ability to manage and handle their accounts timely and right, may it be a small business starting that needs simple accounting to the more complicated accounts from the established medium enterprises and corporations. The BIR Accounting System runs in a Windows based computer that comes with SQL Client / Databases and has an option to run in the Philippines’ No. 1 Cloud Accounting Solutions. QNE Accounting is not only a BIR Accounting System but a TRAIN Ready Accounting System as well. QNE Accounting System follows the latest and up-to-date mandate by the government. Making it one of the most comprehensive, convenient, and easy-to-use accounting software in the industry of software companies in the Philippines. 


 SAP Business Solutions and QuickBooks are another software companies in the Philippines that also offer accounting software and business solutions belonging to one of the top accounting software companies in the Philippines. QuickBooks is an accounting, payroll, and inventory and sales management software marketed by Intuit – a company in the United States of America known for producing accounting and tax related solutions. The software's features include marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solutions. Each solution is developed in accordance with different business needs and nature. On the other hand, SAP Business Solutions is a software company based in Germany, a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Both foreign companies are known in the Philippines for providing efficient business solutions to the Philippine. These companies are known to the industry that belongs to the software companies in the Philippines – accounting software companies in the Philippines to be specific. 


 What ever your business requirement may be, look for the software companies in the Philippines to know more about them and the probability in helping your business grow to its full potential. Because the best feeling is having to know that the business you worked hard for is growing by providing it the right tools – software and people.  


 “Nothing beats a company that is equipped with the right tools and knowledge” be ahead above the rest, check out the software companies in the Philippines. 

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