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A Software for Filipino SMEs

According to the statistics provided by the Asian Development Bank or ADB, 99.6% make up SMEs and Micro companies. Means, Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs is the face of Philippine Businesses.

Based on Net Income, Filipino Businesses are categorized:

Micro - up to 3,000,000 

Small - P3,000,001 - 15,000,000 

Medium - P15,000,001 - 100,000,000 

Large - above P100,000,000

Based in the 2001 statistics of business establishments published by the National Statistics Office, there are 811, 589 business establishments in the country.

Of total, micro-enterprises account for 743,949 (97.1%), small enterprises 61,759 (7.6%), medium enterprises 2, 923 (.4%), and large enterprises 2,958 (0.3%).

With this huge number of SMEs in the Philippines, what step must a business owner take to level-up or at least improve his business? At this time of fast pace technology advancement, Small and Medium Business owners should be competitive and take advantage of what technology has to offer to their business for it to succeed.

The question is will software help companies in Philippines or will it just delay the business’ progress? The answer is simple, if SMEs in the Philippines will not embrace innovation, growth will not be felt. Here are the benefits of software in a growing companies or SMEs:

1. Makes Task Easier

Most often employees in a Small or Medium sized company has multiple roles, and by having a software that can simplify and create shortcuts for them to be more productive and finish their jobs faster and more accurate is significant for a company.

2. Leads Monitoring

Having a software that can keep track of your potential clients would be very helpful for the company. By having the record of your leads in a database will let the company analyze data and plan for the steps on how to convert these leads to an actual client.

3. Great Customer Service

A Customer Management Software will greatly help a company build a good relationship with their clients. One good example is automizing the Support Service through an online ticketing system that keeps track of customers records and loyalty points. By this way the company can maintain clients.

4. Window for Future Advantage

Having a software now is different with planning to acquire a software in the future. Not just an open window but an open opportunity to be bigger and highly profitable in years to come. They say that “Start early and begin raising the bar throughout the day!”.

Most of SMEs in the Philippines are not open in utilizing technology for their advantage. But it’s never too late to start and feel the benefits of software in your company. Want to know for about the benefits that a software can bring to your company? Call us today! 02 567-4248 or 02-567-4253.

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