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The year 2020 can be very auspicious for Pisces people. Your zodiac sign is seventh house by the year 2020. This year, Mercury, Guru, Sun, Saturn, Ketu are sitting together at the place of Karma from your zodiac sign, which is making Panchagrahi Yoga. With this effect, you will get new opportunities in your career. You will get immense success in the business world too. Jupiter, the lord of the zodiac, is also of swarashi who is making Hans Mahayoga. With this effect you can get promoted. You will also get good support and respect from seniors.

 Meen Rashifal In 2020, the Lord of Destiny is seated in the place of destiny. These too are auspicious signs for your fortune. Sukhesh and Saptmesh Karkar planets Mercury are formed in your magazine along with Sagittarius and Sun. Which shows that this year is going to give auspicious results for your spouse's career as well. The presence of Mercury with Jupiter is making marriage a sum for unmarried people. Venus, the planet of love affairs, sits in a benefic place. It is also indicating that your romantic life will be happy. Single single people can start their love life this year. This year, you can visit a hill station or abroad as a tourist.

 At the beginning of the year, Saturn is changing in your zodiac sign ie on the 24th of January in the place of income. Saturn's entry into the income space will cause money to rain. Expenses will also increase. But the possibility of physical loss of health is also shown.

According to Meen Kundli 2020 will be Guru Margie on 13 September. When the guru is in the way, you will start preparing to prepare your future plans.

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