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BIR Accounting Software is one of the most sought-after software that could help accountants manage their responsibilities when it comes to recording day to day transactions, tax filing, and preparing Financial Reports. Some of the vital roles of accountants are as follows:

  • Provide financial reports to give the Management an idea about the allocation of funds.
  • Summarize and analyzes accounting data and use it for business planning.
  • Suggest appropriate actions to solve financial issues.
  • Maintain financial security and strengthen internal control by providing policies and procedures.
  • File reliable financial reports and tax filing to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to ensure government compliance of the business and many more.

When it comes to responsibilities, a company and accountants must provide accurate Financial Statements on time to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to avoid penalties. If an enterprise submitted later than the required date, there is a fine penalty to be imposed. However, if Accountants are equipped with BIR Accounting Software, there is a higher chance that penalties would be shunned.

Below are the must-haves of a BIR Accounting Software to help Accountants prepare Financial Statements on time:

  1. General Ledger Module- simplify the recording of business transactions with this module.
  2. Accounts Payable Module- this records company’s obligation to your creditors or suppliers.
  3. Accounts Receivable Module- unpaid balances can be recorded here.
  4. Sales Module- see different quotation issued and collection of payments from customers in this module.
  5. Purchases Module- manages transactions with your suppliers, from Purchase Requisition to Purchase Invoice.
  6. Inventory Module- this module is very helpful when it comes to tracking stocks especially for retail, distribution, manufacturing, or construction company.
  7. Generates BIR Forms- such as BIR Form 2550M, BIR Form 2550Q, BIR Form 1601-EQ

BIR Form 0619-E, BIR Form 1604-E, BIR Certificate 2307 and many more!

Behind every great companies are responsible accountants. Let your accountants manage their responsibilities with QNE Accounting System!

If you wish to request for a demo, dial 8567-4248 / 8567-4253.

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