8 Reasons to Invest In Smart Home Security Right Now


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1) Complete Peace of Mind

The world is a dangerous place and, according to the FBI’s 2017 Crime Statistics, there were over 7.5 million property crimes nationwide. While burglary rate dropped 7.6%, these are still sobering figures and a break-in takes place every 13 seconds.

At least part of the reason for these falling figures is the growing number of home security systems in place. That doesn’t make the data particularly reassuring, though.

Peace of mind knowing your home is protected, whether you’re upstairs sleeping or away on vacation, is arguably the leading reason for anyone choosing to invest in some form of smart home security.

2) Protect Your Assets and Your Smart Home Tech

Quite aside from the trauma of being burglarized, losing your prized possessions is also a bitter blow.

Sure, you might get most of the losses back through insurance but how about if you forgot to pay your premium that month and find you’re not covered after all? It happens.

What about those precious family heirlooms with more sentimental than monetary value? No check will give you back those memories.

Beyond that, the inconvenience of losing all that smart home tech you worked so hard to pay for and get up and running doesn’t bear thinking about. Imagine coming home to a bare wall without that 65-inch TV and an empty home theater.

By investing in safety-oriented smart home gear rather than focusing purely on convenience, you can protect your possessions whether you’re home or away. Which brings us to the next reason why smart home security is eminently worthwhile…

3) Remotely Monitor Your Home

Whether you want to see who’s at the door, check that your doors are locked, keep an eye on the temperature or watch over your kids, being able to access your smart home remotely in-app is useful in many important ways on the security front.

You won’t need to stay permanently glued to your cell phone either. You’ll receive instant alerts any time there’s any form of security breach so you can take prompt action whatever the nature of the emergency.

4) Prevent Burglaries From Happening


And that’s before taking into account piercingly bright floodlights coming on when motion is detected and an audible siren to make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows something is amiss in your garden.

5) Capture Video Footage of Any Crime

Given that a burglar only needs 8 to 12 minutes inside your home, even with the best home security in place, there’s a chance that you might still find a thief gains access.

If so, at least you can content yourself with visual documentation of the crime and evidence in the form of video footage that might come in useful, and could even be used to bring the perpetrator to rights.

6) Potentially Lowered Insurance Premiums

If you can prove to your insurance carrier that you have a robust smart home security system in place, there’s every chance this will be reflected in lowered premiums.

Insurance is simply a numbers game, and if you can do your part to minimize risk, your insurance provider should meet you halfway with some form of discount. This is not guaranteed, but it’s well worth contacting them to see if you can come to an arrangement. In this way, you can get a return on investment with your security gear while also lessening the chance of a traumatizing burglary.

7) Monitoring and Safeguarding Elderly Relatives

If you have an elderly relative at home, you can keep a watchful eye on them with security cameras in the house.

There are also pendants capable of connecting to your security system so, in the event of taking a tumble or requiring urgent assistance, your loved one simply needs to press a button on the pendant around their neck and a medical team will be dispatched to your property even if you’re not around to arrange it.

8) Keep an Eye on Children and Babies


From baby monitors – look out for our upcoming article on the best of these – through to regular security cameras and video entry systems, you can make absolutely sure your young ones are protected even if you’re caught up at the office.

With those core reasons probably making it clear how to make your smart home secure is really worth.

How to Make Your Smart Home Secure

We’re not going to double down on any specific products today. Our focus is purely on giving you the framework for all elements of a successful smart home security system in general terms.

There’s no compulsion to invest in every single piece of kit below, but doing so will certainly protect you, your family, and your connected home across the board.


Think about adding the following pieces of kit to your connected home:


    Outdoor Security Cameras

    Indoor Security Cameras

    Floodlights and Security Lights


    Motion Sensors for Doors and Windows

    Glass Break and Vibration Sensors

    Video Doorbell Cameras

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Water Leak Detectors

    Smart Lighting

    Motorized Blinds

    Smart Outlets

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