What are the different Poultry Farming Equipment?


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Krishna Polymers is Poultry Equipment Manufacturer in India. Our quality products like PVC Layer Feeder,  Grower Feeder, Chicks Feeder, Water Drinking System, PVC Door Panels, PVC Poultry Foot Rests. 


Poultry Equipment Manufacturer


Our product offering consists of a wide range of watering, feeding, and climate control systems designed from semi-automatic to fully automatic functioning to suit your particular requirements.


Despite the fact that it is an underlying stage or a later stage, the hardware is a fundamental piece of the creation. On the off chance that you are wanting to begin a poultry ranch, at that point additionally gear is required for each stage in the cycle. Regardless of whether there is one issue in any of the periods of the cycle, there can be a monstrous misfortune for the business.

In this manner, it is significant that you pick appropriate poultry ranch gear contingent on the fowls and the area you favor for your homestead.

Types of Poultry Farming Equipment

Some of the commonly used Poultry Farm Equipment in India are:

1. PVC Layer Feeder


3. Nests

4. Cages

5. Coops

6. Crates

7. Incubator

8. Egg Tray

9. Lighting Instruments

10. Perches

11. Brooders or Heaters

12. Ventilation System

13. Waste Disposal

You should also note that the poultry equipment you choose should be favorable to your labors also; that they use them without facing any technical jargon.

The equipment has many substitutes as well. Like if you have a lack of electricity, you can choose equipment which works without electricity.
Different Chicken Farm Equipment

Some of the different poultry farm equipment is:
1. Setter

This is an equipment that is used to maintain a proper temperature around the chicks. This helps In leveling the humidity and turning for the first 19 days of the cycle. This helps in giving the baby birds a comfortable environment to settle.

You can purchase different types of setters from the market depending upon your location and cost.
2. Brooder Machine

Brooder machines provide warmth and lightning to the chicks.

Charcoal stove brooder/ Kerosene Stove Brooder: These types of brooder machines are used where there is no electricity and is preferred by the people who use cheap poultry equipment. There is a charcoal stove that is covered with a lid that provides heat and chicks to enjoy warmth near the stove.

Gas Brooder: This type of brooder is connected to natural gas, methane, and LPG. The brooder is 3-5 feet above the chicks, which provide them both warmth and light.

Infrared Bulbs: These are the self-reflecting bulbs with unique red color light. This light attracts the birds, and they gather under it to experience the warmth. One of the differences in these bulbs is that there are no reflectors over bulbs.
3. Hatching Equipment

When you prefer layers for the production of the egg, hatching equipment is essential. They are used for taking care of eggs after they are hatched.

    Hatching Egg Tray: This is a tray that can store 90-180 eggs at one time. This helps in storing the eggs in a précised way, where they are protected.
    Hatching Transfer Machine: This machine helps in transferring the hatched eggs from the breeder farm to the hatching tray. This helps the eggs from breaking. And when the eggs are transferred to the tray, they are kept safe and are ready for the market.

4. Waterers

Maintaining a proper diet with the proper level of water is essential for any chick's health.

Pan and Jar: It is the type of waterer that had water stored in the JAR, and the PAN delivers water to the chicks. This is the affordable source of providing the water.

Washbasin: These are in the form of plastics or wood or GI with grill. They are large open bowls where the water is served for chicks.

Manual Drinkers: They are used in the 1st week of the brooding period. This is also known as the fountain drinkers as the water comes out from holes in the fountain style.
5. Poultry Feeding Equipment

Feeding chicks regularly with the correct amount of gains are very important. Some of the feeders are:

Automatic Feeder: They are designed in auger type or chain that provide feed to birds directly in their nests or the sites.

Linear Feeder: They are in linear shape with 2 meters length made up of the Galvanized iron or wooden and bamboo material.

Circular Feeder: They are circular and carry 5-7 kg grains at one time. The unique pop colors attract chicks.
Some other Poultry Equipment

1. Flame Gun- To reduce pesticide kerosene.

2. Sprinkler- This helps to keep the place cool, especially when the farm is in hot weather area.

3. Rake- This is a type of iron broom that helps to collect the trash and littering of the chicks.

4. Weighing Balances- This helps in weighing the chicks regularly.


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