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Hey Hello thanks for the her, I want it I am sure you can see where this is going me to move in how we got chatting again and it's much as I love this side of him and then it happened call dad that's my twin ha suddenly I got it clever but shy but confident obviously gorgeous so what was I wish I could furnace and Tom confidence back from together into one I know dr. Frankenstein on her big boy and much of that would be awesome there at that moment something I should have seen coming jake and I have already a no I had to be the one to ask so also day to twin brother could I but you can call me whenever name you like I said yes there were no plans walking around town and chatting always do the right thing I always knew the right thing to say send halfway through the day even know who the president was no but it was the guy like that marion guy who can do preferred the spontaneity of my night out get a he just kept shyla looking at it letting him sloppy fringe dangle over his your head back.

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so I can check you wrote once I finally got him talking I can't believe this he went on it and it was a privilege to and listen to him and then when I have been actually listen have any idea how you guys listen to a girl when she I know it makes me sound greedy I just put a I found myself dating both of them one I was in the judge me all you want but it was kind of bless I'm taking a tricky turn tom has invited me family for dinner and that he wants to introduce me but I'm sure you can see what the problem is here people be at dinner table bob make a panic please save some answers because ever wonder who model State famous celebrities dating famous models I'm just wondering about your average every day working do the date other models the signs really matter my name is Alex address and I'm 26 years old I am call so that's why I want to know what kind of guys bottles date call girl I always did ask crochet questions do you play basketball are you a model what's worse.

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I should play basketball or a suit I am neither a basketball player Nora models and the weather joke is not funny no matter how many times I hear it not any different than any other normal girl looking to find a good guy call straighten being pigeon hold into what people think I told person should its a form of discrimination innocence dating never mattered much to me and high school as I was focused when I got to college I didn't date much either a major did biological engineering which is a very demanding course of study graduated college and enter the real world as my parents call it I began to focus more on my social life for the first time now that I was ready to meet call guy I realized something I never had before to call for most guys most people assume that at all girl only wants to date a tall guy recent Yahoo study claim that most women want to date a man who is 5 inches taller than her but that most couple of Pi differences are in actuality only a couple of inches see.

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