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The basics
If you have a printer at home, the chances are that it’s an inkjet. These use liquid ink of which there are two main types. Once upon a time, it was generally accepted that pigment ink was best and dye ink was what you used when you couldn’t afford pigment. It was a perfectly valid opinion many years ago, but it’s out of date now. So what is the difference between pigment and dye ink, and which should you be using? As the short answer is "it depends", we will need to take a closer look…

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Pigment inks contain coloured particles suspended in a liquid carrier. The particles sit on the surface of the printed page, which means that they work better on smooth surfaces such as high quality paper, labels and transparencies. They are rarely water soluble and have a relatively high UV resistance.

Dye inks have the colourant in solution – fully dissolved in the liquid carrier. For best results, the ink needs to soak into the media slightly, so they perform well on standard paper. They are often water soluble and although their UV resistance is typically less than that of pigment inks, print life figures in the region of 100 years are not uncommon.

Are all original (OEM) cartridges pigment based?

Definitely not. These days most manufacturers offer either a choice or a mixture of pigment and dye. For example, the Epson Claria range of cartridges contains dye ink while their DuraBrite range is pigment based. In the Brother Inobella ink range, the black cartridge has pigment ink while the colour cartridges are dye based. Canon printers also often contain a black pigment cartridge alongside dye colour cartridges.

Correspondingly, there is a misinterpretation that every single perfect cartridge are color based. While that is frequently the situation it's not all around obvious. The top notch perfect cartridges that we sell at printerinks.com can contain either relying upon the printer and cartridge.

Not secure with the contrast among unique and good cartridges? Peruse our article here.

Which is ideal?

It relies upon various elements. You ought to consider what is being printed, what medium it's imprinted on, and the conditions wherein it is being utilized/documented/showed. As a rule, the accompanying applies, in spite of the fact that there are no outright guidelines:

Photos: Dye. The more extensive scope of hues accessible and better mixing ability implies that color based cartridges produce progressively energetic prints.

General records: Dye. There is no preferred position that color inks have over the normally less expensive color forms that is pertinent to printing letters, notes and reminders, messages, reports, booking affirmations, tickets or any of different a great many kinds of standard record that the normal client may need a printed copy of. Truth be told, dark color cartridges frequently produce a "darker" dark than the shade form, so can regularly be unrivaled in this application.

Recorded archives: Pigment. Where documentation is planned to be "lasting", the more slow blur pace of shade ink is a preferred position. Print life measurements cites by producers differ fiercely, from 15-100 years for color ink and from 20-250 years for shade. Note that even shade ink doesn't keep going forever, and the additional expense of color printing may exceed the burden of reproducing the record somewhat more frequently.

Show prints: Pigment. In spite of the fact that the shading range accessible to color inks is second rate compared to that for colors, they have a few noteworthy focal points with regards to showing prints. Color inks have a superior blur opposition (see above) and are not water solvent. So whether you're a photographic craftsman selling proficient quality prints, or simply need to set up a notification in a pool, you would need to think about these variables.

Imprinting on a tight spending plan: Dye. The fixings in color ink are generally costly, so it's continually going to be less expensive to purchase color based cartridges.

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Color innovation has made some amazing progress as of late, and keeping in mind that shade ink used to appreciate an unmistakable bit of leeway, this is not true anymore – in truth it has fallen behind color in numerous angles.

Except if you explicitly need the key qualities of color ink (better light and water quickness), you are quite often happier with color based ink.

The print medium is likewise a factor, just like the structure of the printer. Try not to expect color inks to function admirably on ultra-smooth surfaces like transparencies (they're fine on smooth photograph paper) and don't utilize shade ink in a printer intended for color – the suspended particles can without much of a stretch stop up the fine spouts in a color ink printer.

In the event that you are as yet unsure, don't hesitate to connect with our client care group who will be glad to offer specialized exhortation and a suggestion dependent on your own one of a kind conditions.

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